About Us

For a stress-free skin, and you. Fortune Forest provides you a perfectly curated heart picked collection of skincare assortment. We have an array of beauty products ranging from Jade Rollers Gua Sha Face Oils Combo. We have personally curated the skincare product range class, which is 100% authentic and extracted from the lap of nature.

Our goal is to enhance your beauty and make you feel pampered after every application or usage. All our products are tried & tested, and they are meant to give you magnificent results as per your skin type. There’s more to the mere beauty benefit; all our products inch you closer to self-love and holistic healing. And yes, it’s absolute guilt-free goodness!

Our Vision

To grab Nature’s best ingredients and to Inspire others to Walk by Faith!


As an esthetician, It’s no surprise that skincare has always brought me tremendous joy. For me, skincare is a form of selfcare. It’s a way to carve out time for yourself amidst your busy schedule, a way to decompress from the day. At Fortune Forest we are committed to sourcing all natural ingredients to create high quality skincare solutions. Skincare solutions that reflect the reality, We want to create a healthy environment for generations to come and to break the myth of perfection.

Beauty is within you, and the best way to explore is through self care and awareness. We do not promote the idea of unrealistic beauty standards like “poreless” and “flawless” and now we’re eliminating using other negative, unrealistic, and unattainable terms like ageless, and perfect skin, For us Perfection lies in happiness, beauty is supposed to bring joy.



Gurleen Kaur