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Gua Sha – All About How To Use The Gua Sha Tool

A Gua Sha is a semi-precious stone flat instrument used to massage the face. Even though the Gua Sha tool has recently gained popularity, it is far older than you might assume. This face scraping technique is based on Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese Treatment. Gua denotes pressing, while Sha denotes redness. According to early practitioners, the redness obtained from scraping promotes the skin to repair itself. Even though modern-day Gua Sha is less harsh, treatment will nonetheless leave you with a well-sculpted face & other impressive outcomes. 

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method in which a trained professional uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin while they press on it. This motion raises small, red, rash-like dots that show under your skin called petechiae. People use gua sha to treat chronic pain all over their body. This method has been proven to help relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness, and inflammation, and it can even help to reduce sinus pressure. However, since the musculature of the face is much thinner, you’ll want to avoid applying too much pressure as you’re working on this area. 


  • 1. Releases Tension
  • 2. Contours the face 
  • 3. Assists with Facial Lymphatic Damage
  • 4. Supports Blood Circulation
  • 5. Skincare Product Penetration
  • 6. It’s Relaxing 


  • 1. Just wash your Gua Sha with water & soap properly for safety, and more clean. You may leave it in your refrigerator for a few hours to give a cool temperature, and a more soothing effect. 
  • 2. Clean your face or apply face serum, oil, moisturizer as per your choice. Just make sure to make your skin oily or slippery to prevent the Gua Sha from causing any problem, or irritation. 
  • 3. Just hold your Gua Sha like the curved part should hug the curves of your skin, and the flat part should rest on your skin.
  • 4. Start with a concave side, from one side of your neck, pulling it in upward direction to your jaw. Just repeat it for a few times, and do it on the other side too. Now time to move to the front of your neck from upward movement. Remember not to put too much pressure or force. 
  • 5. From the center of your chin begin with the smaller cleft on your tool or start scrapping. Do it along your jawline towards the bottom of your ears. Repeat this for a few times, and follow the same movement on the other side. 
  • 6. Begin with a flatter curve on the center of the face to massage the cheeks. 
  • 7. Use the rounded end to massage the under eye area. 
  • 8. Moreover, put it on your forehead in a way that the largest curve is just above, and pull it upward your hairline.
  • 9. At last, once you are done massaging all over your face, follow your daily skin routine. 

Facial Gua Sha uses a stroke that creates pressure & stretch at the same time, which makes it more effective than the jade roller for sculpting facial features like cheekbone & jawline. Gua Sha tools that are designed with shapes that fit around facial curves amplify this benefit even more. This is best natural-smooth, half moon-shaped stones that massage your face to give the best result as cleaning the skin, working on wrinkles, and in skin whitening. Basically, it helps stimulate the Lymphatic & circulatory systems through facial gua sha and can help increase collagen production. This is the best, natural, 100% safe tool for your skin to look more glowy, and younger. 

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