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Jade Roller For Face

ABOUT- A Jade Roller is an application tool, a small handheld roller made of jade or other gemstones such as amethyst & rose quartz for the face. Jade is a natural gem, an energized stone rich in minerals that can provide anti-inflammatory properties, and effects for the skin. Jade stones are created from natural stones, so you can find varied colored stones. 


Jade Roller is used to remove the fluids, and toxins. This helps to keep your skin calm, and relaxed. We can say that jade roller works as a stress reliever on your skin. It helps to regulate blood flow from one part to another and helps to remove toxins. This is known to be the best 100% safe handheld massage that has its own benefits, and mainly it helps to reduce wrinkles.  This facial massage helps to look glow, and more beautiful as you get a relaxed massage anywhere at any place from where you want. In the market there are many more rollers present namely Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline roller, and many more.


  • Distributes skin care product
  • Helps for blood circulation in your face
  • Reducing Puffiness 
  • Improve your mood
  • Cools & Soothes your skin
  • Enhance the look of skin


For stress-free skin, and you. Fortune Forest provides you a perfectly curated heart picked collection of skincare assortment. We have an array of beauty products ranging from Jade Rollers, Gua Sha, Face Oils & Combo. We have personally curated the skincare product range class, which is 100% authentic & extracted from the lap of nature. 


We aim to enhance your beauty & make you feel pampered after every application or usage. All our products are tried & tested, and they are meant to give you magnificent results as per your skin type. There’s more to the beauty benefit; all our products inch you closer to self-love, & holistic healing. And yes, it’s absolute guilt-free goodness. 

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