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Rice Bran Face Oil Brands In India

Rice Bran Face Oil offers a mild exfoliant property as well. Safe for sensitive skin, rice bran oil can be applied to sunburns, and rashes. This is used to give soaps, and cleansers a creamy texture, it is easily absorbed & functions as a carrier, and an emollient. It has a slight ability to brighten the look of your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of smooth skin tone. 

Let’s discuss the Rice Bran Face Oil Brands in India that includes- 

  • Lavender & Rice Bran Face Oil

A luminous daily balancing facial oil that calms & heals stressed, sensitive skin by gently alleviating inflammation, neutralizing skin tone, soothing irritation, and blurring pigmentation. With its super nourishing blend of soothing lavender, and moisturizing properties of Rice Bran, this ultra-lightweight concoction delivers lasting hydration, and an illuminating glow. 

PRICE- Rs. 549


  • Take 2-3 drops of oil in your palms or directly on the face with the help of a dropper. 
  • Blend it into the skin by using gentle circular upward motion using finger tips or gently pat into the skin.
  • Please take extra care around the eye area. 
  • Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn

This unique combination of 100% plant-derived oils combats skin dryness, and restores natural health, and glows to skin. Without the greasiness one would expect from an “oil”. It works instantly, restoring your natural glow by replenishing lost nutrients, fighting oxidative damage, and preventing trans-epidermal water loss from your skin. 

PRICE- Rs. 658

  • Minimalist Squalane 100% Facial Oil

This lightweight Squalane sourced from olive oil. It prevents transepidermal water loss, restores suppleness, and elasticity of the skin. Squalene plays a key role in the healthy appearance of your skin, and is also responsible for the overall integrity of your skin. 

PRICE- Rs. 664

  • The Moms Co. Age Control Face Oil

This face oil is a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that provides intense hydration, and adds glow to the skin. A natural alternative to retinol, hydrates, helps to defy visible signs of aging, and keeps the skin plump. 

PRICE- Rs. 450

  • Pilgrim 24K Gold Facial Beauty Oil

The 24k Gold Beauty Oil is a unique, versatile formulation that can be used in skincare, and make-up routines. A potent formula that brings together the best of Nature’s bounty to deliver unmatched radiance & brightness. An ultralight, fast-absorbing oil that blends into the skin, making it supple & hydrated but never greasy or sticky. 

PRICE- Rs. 463

  • Auravedic Kumkumadi Face Oil

This face oil is infused with saffron, and other exotic herbs, the kumkumadi oil is a beauty oil for spotless, glowing skin. This unique blend of oils, and herbs is formulated to make the skin radiant & to give it an even color. It is a complete skincare ritual that is essential to keep your skin healthy & bright.

PRICE- Rs. 368

Best Rice Bran for Glowing Skin 

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