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Top 4 Jade Rollers of all Time!

Are you confused by the new skin-care trends and find your self-searching internet on what to use and what not? Well, you have landed by at the right page. We will help you find the right kind of jade roller according to your skin need and the one that would benefit you’re the most. The hashtag Jade Roller has over hundred thousand posts on Instagram, so it is safe to assume that it is the oomph of skin-care trend. We did some searching on the internet and spoke to expert aestheticians in order to curate a perfect list for you. Here are the top 5 jade rollers of all the time and the benefits they come up with:

  1. Amethyst Jade Roller

 Amethyst is a purple or violet coloured stone. Since the ancient Roman empire, the stone is associated with mental and spiritual health. It is known to help the user with anxiety, stress and induces calmness. Amethyst is known to give rise to positive energy in an individual. It is a healing stone and is associated with third-eye chakra. Therefore, when used on the skin in the form of a guasha or jade roller, it helps improve the skin texture by promoting soothing effects in the skin. It naturally maintains a cool temperature, increases the cellular renewal process, stimulates production of collagen, and reduces puffiness. If you are dealing with stress and anxiety, this is your go to stone, as it will help your skin to diminish stress induced tiredness on the face.

2. Rose-Quartz Jade Roller

 Rose-Quartz is a light pink rose coloured stone. It is also known as the ‘heart stone’. By virtue of its colour, it is associated with gentleness and calmness. The stone has long been used by Romans and Egyptians in their skin-care routine as an anti-ageing tool. Rose-quartz roller can help its user to tackle acne problem, smoothen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and to lighten dark spots. The soothing effects of the stone also helps you have a good and sound sleep, if used before bedtime. Regular usage of the stone can help you have a more youthful complexion. The mineral composition in rose-quartz can help one reduce inflammation in the skin and promote renewal of skin cells. 

  1. Obsidian Jade Roller

 Obsidian is a black coloured stone. It is known to detoxify the user of the negative energies. I cannot emphasis it enough when I say that it is the most powerful stone to ever exist. Since, it is known for its healing and detoxifying properties, obsidian jade roller can help promote balance and inner peace within the body. It minimizes pores, prevents breakouts, and hydrates skin for a more radiant complexion. It stimulates acupuncture and reflex points with assists with healing. It reduces lymphatic drainage and leaves its user with a calmer and brighter looking skin. 

  1. Aventurine Jade Roller

 Aventurine is a green-coloured stone. It is the most famous jade roller that you will come across in the market. The stone is associated with abundance and prosperity. The naturally calming properties of this stone, helps in controlling skin inflammation and reduce appearance of acne, eczema and psoriasis. If you want a plumper looking in the morning, it is advisable to use the tools made out of this stone, as it will help boost collagen in the skin. For people who have travel jobs, regular usage of this stone before bedtime and early morning can defend the skin against effects of sun-exposure. 

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