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What’s the difference between a Jade Roller and a Gua Sha

Hello gorgeous! Are you one of those who surf latest beauty trends on Instagram, but is left perplexed as to which trend to follow?

You have landed n the right page. We are here to solve your dilemma and answer your beauty related questions.

Firstly, let me start by telling you that no one trend is better or worse than another. It all boils down to your dedication on using a product religiously. The only way any product show effects on your face is when you use it regularly. With the advent of face yoga and face sculpting trends, newer tools and techniques are used by beauty bloggers and influencers. The two most popularly tools to exist in the market for face care are – jade rollers and gua shas.

Now, if you are one of those who are wondering which tool you should go for, then we are here to help you understand different benefits stemming from each.

BenefitJade RollerGua Sha
UsageJade Rollers are beneficial if you want to get rid of the lymphatic drainage accumulated in face.Gua Shas are best if one wants to focus on face sculpting and improving the visual texture of the face.
ConvenienceJade Rollers are easy to use. The technique for using it is comparatively simpler. You just need to make upward strokes on your face, starting from the neck area and move your way up towards cheeks and forehead.There is a specific technique to use gua sha. Like jade roller, you should always use face tools starting from the neck area and move your way up. The shape of a gua sha enables you to use all the sides of it and each side helps sculpt different part of the face, For example, the longer arc of the gua shas are most compatible with neck and cheeks.
Product PenetrationThey help penetrate the skin products deep into the skin. It is advisable to use a face oil / face serum / moisturiser before using jade roller.They help penetrate the skin products deep into the skin. It is advisable to use a face oil / face serum / moisturiser before using gua sha.
Blood CirculationIt is helpful for microcirculation of fluid or lymph. It improves blood circulation in the skin, reduces lymphatic drainage, and leaves your skin with healthy looking plump and glow.It helps improve lymph circulation and improves blood circulation. It also helps release stress and tension in the face and neck area.
TimeIt takes about 2-3 minutes to use jade roller on the face and neck areaProper application may take up to 5-6 minutes. It is advisable to use the gua sha in slow and controlled movement for best results and destressing.

Pro Tip: Use a combination of tools to achieve the best of all. It is difficult to incorporate multitude of products and tools available in the market. We recommend using a combination of gua sha and jade roller. In a nutshell, while jade roller will help reduce lymphatic drainage in your face and neck, using gua sha along with jade roller will help you achieve a more sculpted face.

Also, while I cannot emphasis enough on loving yourself the way you are, everyone’s goal is different. If you want to have perfectly sculpted cheekbones and face cut like Angelina Jolie, then gua sha is the best investment to make. 

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